We believe self sufficiency and a working knowledge of nature's bounty are human rights. Herbal medicine can take many forms, from eating a healthy diet to using botanical medicines.

Herbalism is not a mystical or ethereal practice, rather it can and should be approached scientifically. We seek to provide education and products based on scientific knowledge and supported by tradition. Herbal medicine should not replace modern medicine, instead it should compliment it. 

We offer both herbal products, consultations and education to help you gain wellness and build your home apothecary.



Nadarra Leigh formed as a natural extension of two dear friends lives. Claire Hudson and Rachel Schroeder met in 2009 during a Bradley Method birthing class and quickly realized how much they had in common. To name a few: they both work hard to provide the most natural and chemical-free environment and lives for their families; they both love to garden; and they both have ancestral ties to the Scots. 

Over the years, their interest with organic gardening grew, Rachel now lives on a farm growing her own herbs, Claire lives in what she likes to call a sub-urban homestead.

Claire and Rachel have spent many an hour talking about herbs, researching medical alternatives and practicing herbalism for their families. One day, they were talking and decided they wanted to share the wonderful world of herbalism and kitchen remedies not only with their friends but whom ever wanted to hear! This is how one evening, while two friends were talking and sipping tea, they decided to work together on an adventure they named Nadarra Leigh.

How did they pick the name? In Scottish Gaelic the literal translation for Nàdarra Léigh means natural medicine.  A perfect fit for a pair of far-flung Scots who endeavor to provide herbal education to other families. 



Claire graduated from Hood College with a Master of Science degree in Environmental Biology in 2007. Her training in environmental biology opened up her eyes to the wonderful world of plants! In 2015 she began Christopher Hobbs's course in Foundations of Herbalism and received a certificate of completion in 2017. Claire holds memberships with the American Herbalist Guild and the American Botanical Council.  Claire has been making plant-based remedies for her family and friends for over a decade and enjoys growing medicinal plants in her home-apothecary garden. 
Claire also loves to teach, both in the classroom and in the field. In addition to holding workshops for Nadarra Leigh, she is an adjunct instructor at Hood College where she teaches environmental science, field botany and coastal ecology. 
In addition to independent study, Claire continues to increase her knowledge-base and clinical experience and has completed courses with honors from the Herbal Medics Academy.


Rachel has been developing her craft as a family herbalist for the last decade. Her journey as a mother to two children inspired her to question cultural norms towards food, nutrition, medicine, healthcare and wellness.  She started studying how to provide a wholesome and healing environment for her children that addressed whole system health instead of solely looking for symptom-driven solutions.  Rachel began to see the connection between her faith in God and His provision to her and her family through the earth and its bounty of healing botanicals. Her respect for herbalism grew until she began to avidly create her own home apothecary. Rachel holds a B.S. in Education and a MEd from Regent University.  She is currently studying under David Winston in order to formalize her path towards becoming a registered community herbalist. Her desire is to teach women how to take ownership in their own path to whole health and healing.


Purcellville, VA

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