July 20, 2019

Class time: 4 hours

Cost: $85

Location: Edgegrove Farm, Purcellville VA (address and directions provided after you register)

Time: 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

You will go home with:

  • The skills to make beautiful handmade soaps for your friends and family

  • Two 4 oz bars of soap

  • Two silicone molds (you get to choose from several shapes)

  • 4 recipes to try at home

  • A full materials list

  • Class handouts

During the workshop you will:

  • Make soap!

  • Learn how to add color to soap

  • Learn the chemistry of soap making

  • Learn how to choose ingredients for a custom soap and start using a lye calculator

  • Enjoy herbal tea and delicious snacks during the break

During this workshop we will go step-by-step through the process of soap making allowing you time to create your own bars of soap. 

Topics covered during the workshop:

  • Safety concerns – working with Sodium Hydroxide (aka lye)

  • Soap making chemistry! We will go over important terms and processes such as: saponification, superfat, curing, gel phase and trace

  • Materials and ingredients needed to make beautiful handmade soaps

  • Introduction to choosing fats and oils. We will discuss which oils and fats create a soft soap verses a hard long-lasting bar

  • Using a soap calculator

  • Creating your own recipes, tips on formulation and how to calculate a batch based on the size of mold you are using

  • Using pigments, herbs and other additives (ex: exfoliants, particulates) to add interest to your soap. We will discuss which ingredients to avoid and why.

  • Troubleshooting common mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Testing the pH of your finished soap


In the event we do not have a minimum of 3 participants registered, we will cancel this class and provide you with a full refund. The maximum number of participants is 6 – this ensures your safety and allows for plenty of one-on-one instruction.


clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, closed-toe shoes, long sleeves and pants.

Protective eye wear and gloves will be provided.


Purcellville, VA

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